Worship in Cambria City


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The members of Resurrection Roman Catholic Parish commit themselves to growing as a caring community of faith. They accomplish these goals by using their God-given gifts, sharing them in a spirit of unconditional love for God, their Church, and all people.

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The parish of St. Mary, along with its great accomplishments, has endured many trials and sufferings including two devastating floods in Johnstown in 1936 and again in 1977. Despite these challenges, the parish continues to prosper in its loyalty to the Church, to our Byzantine Catholic heritage, and in its deep love and faith in Almighty God.

Where to find them:

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Religious Heritage Sites

Casimir Cultural Center, formerly St. Casimir's, located in Cambria City Historic District in Johnstown Pennsylvania

~ Formerly St. Casimir Polish Roman Catholic Church ~

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~ Formerly Immaculate Conception German Roman Catholic Church ~

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Saint Columba’s Irish Roman Catholic Church served Cambria City as its English-speaking parish after being founded in 1882 by Irish immigrants. The building that served as the parish’s primary worship building was built between 1913 and 1915.

Hungarian Reformed Church

822 Chestnut Street

The Hungarian Reformed Church in Cambria City was founded in 1902 and served its members and the community for 114 years, with its final service having been held in 2016.

409 6th Avenue

Stella, Property Development and Event Production is honored to have created this representation of an Eastern European Roadside Shrine Garden in the Cambria City Historic District. It is open to the public enjoyment, but privately owned. 

512 Chestnut Street

The placement of the statue was done with purpose and intention. It is placed in direct line to all of the former and current churches in the neighborhood. It is the geographic center of Cambria City and forms a star connecting the buildings to the Blessed Virgin.

Ave Maria, Stella Immacolata! – Hail Mary, Immaculate Star!

Statues of Saint Columba and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

314 6th Avenue

In June of 2021, Stella, Property Development and Event Production was gifted two carved stone statues of the Sacred Heart and St. Columba, both of which came from the former St. Columba Irish Roman Catholic Church in Cambria City and now guard the walls of Brigid’s Cross for all to admire closely. The chisel marks made by Charles Simon over 100 years ago are fully visible on these stately and amazing works of spiritual art.

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