The Grand Halle

Formerly Immaculate Conception German Roman Catholic Church

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~ A premier venue for glorious wedding, social and cultural gatherings, and a brilliant music hall for instrumental, organ and choral performances. ~

Business Information – 306 Broad Street – (814) 254-4033

About the Grand Halle

This landmark building within the Cambria City Historic District served the ethnic-German parish of Immaculate Conception for more than 100 years. Closed by the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese in 2009, the building was purchased by a nonprofit organization and reopened in 2012 as The Grand Halle on Broad Street.

Now this special-events venue and concert hall is one of the region’s most distinctive spaces, hosting dozens of weddings, cultural events and concerts annually. A renovation project, completed in 2020, renewed the building and created the stunning colors and striking views that make The Grand Halle such a special place. With its richly hued Munich-style stained glass, Victorian Gothic decor and resonant Adam Stein pipe organ, the Halle is a unique, multi-purpose venue that serves the entire region.*

*Information on venue comes from the Grand Halle’s website

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