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~ A creator’s space in the heart of the Cambria City Historic District. ~

Business Information

Sitara’s Website – 512 Chestnut Street – (814) 262-5643

About Sitara

From the fine science of goldsmithing and blacksmithing to the scents of expertly crafted candles and the power of the visual arts, Sitara is a place where art is created and offered for the public to appreciate and own. Sitara’s artists can be found working in their studios, while offering their pieces in the gallery. This approachable format allows customers, guests and visitors to appreciate the work and talent that is at the heart of every creation. The Gallery is also filled with plants and other handcrafted gift items, creating a warm and welcoming retail environment for anyone who visits.

Sitara is Hindi for ‘Star’, a direct connection to our company name. In Hindi (Devanagari) Script, Sitara forms the word ‘Art’. Stella is proud to have created this working Studio space and Gallery that allows our artists the opportunity to be independent while being part of a supportive business structure.

Meet Sitara's Artists

Erika Blair - Erika Blair Designs

Erika Broas (she/her) grew up in the Red Pine forests of West Michigan, moved around a lot, and landed in Johnstown in the Fall of 2021 with her partner and pet cat. Considering herself a craftsperson, her specialty lies in fine jewelry and metal work, with knowledge in textiles, ceramics, and printmaking.

In her free time Erika can be found identifying native plants and wildflowers, swimming in river holes, riding her bike, reading a good fiction book, gardening, and cooking. Identifying wildflowers and making foraged bouquets has always been a passion of hers and working in a flower shop a dream. Proud to say she now works at Cambria City Flowers, Erika is elated to be working under Steven and Chad in Cambria City to formally learn the floristry trade.

Nate Weiss - Blacksmith

Nate can be found creating housewares and other items for everyday use to various, unique artistic treasures.

During Stella’s SundayMarket series and WorldMarket@EthnicFest, Nate will be featured in on-site demonstrations for visitors to experience the work and beauty of Blacksmithing.

Todd Stifler - Public Art Johnstown

Todd Stiffler of Public Art Johnstown is a true gift to Cambria City. His talent, professionalism, and beautiful creations are a value to the community.

Todd’s collaboration with Cambria City’s Stella is an example of a for-profit company and its owners using their private financial resources to make art an integral part of the restoration process while providing a benefit to the community they serve…a true ’Renaissance’ era approach to change.

We are proud to have Todd as part of our community and hope his work continues to transform the visual landscape of the center of the Cambria City Historic District with new, yet culturally relevant art.

Amy Harris - Reclaimed Flame Candles & Haute Vintage Apparel

Amy is originally from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. She enjoys thrifting, reading, and spending time with her animals. Amy graduated from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and decided to stay in Johnstown because of the potential this area has.

Along side her work with Reclaimed Flame and Haute, she also brings her natural ability to blend ingredients and her hospitality experience to guests at Cambria City’s Alchemie through mixing unique libations with the same care and intention.

Amy’s vibrant personality is contagious. She has a natural balance of spreading joy with a focused purpose and a realness that everyone who knows her, loves and appreciates. 

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