Johnstown Concert Ballet

Dance Works Program

~ Making dance accessible to everyone through the celebration of creative movement in all of its forms. ~

Organization Information – 316 Broad Street & 300 Power Street – (814) 536-7599

Johnstown Concert Ballet's Efforts

Johnstown Concert Ballet aims to participate in all dance-related works, coming together as a major force in our region to affect amazing changes. They work to raise the standard of living through cultural and educational programs, instilling in younger generations an opportunity to participate in life-affirming, intellect-broadening humanities, while also providing our aging community with life-enhancing activities through dance.

In addition to traditional ballet classes, JCB also performs the only local professional production of The Nutcracker every year in December and performs a different classical ballet piece every spring. They have also launched JCB Dance Works: an undertaking to expand programming to include all dance genres, for dancers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.*

*Information on organization taken from Johnstown Concert Ballet’s website

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