Cambria City Mission

~ Giving direction and help to individuals and families throughout the Greater Johnstown area. ~

Organization Information

Cambria City Mission’s website – 906 Broad Street – (814) 535-1035

The Purpose of the Cambria City Mission of Johnstown Pennsylvania is:

  • To promote the Christian way of life and build character by teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To promote spiritual inspiration through worship and education activities.
  • To improve the home life of the community.
  • To increase social and recreational activities of the community through boys and girls clubs and camps.
  • To mold a greater love for the country through an understanding of its opportunities and challenges

In addition to the above, the Mission serves as a resource for free clothing and small household goods to the needy in the community. Donations can be dropped off or picked up during weekday mornings.  Educational courses are offered throughout the year for anyone in the local community.  Currently there is a Thursday evening children’s art and activity class and an every other Friday crochet class. The Mission holds a one week summer camp and long weekend summer camp for local children and adults.*

*Information on organizaqtion taken from Cambria City Mission’s online material

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