Alternate Community Resource Program (ACRP)


~ Serving youth and families that live and work in the community. ~

Organization Information – 317 Power Street & 917 Chestnut Street – (814) 535-2277

ACRP is a local non-profit agency founded in 1989, serving youth and families that live and work in the community. Their services address: abuse, neglect, and delinquency, as well as children who are at-risk, disadvantaged, or educationally or emotionally challenged.

ACRP offers community-based, non-residential programs for children, adolescents, and families. ACRP also offers comprehensive mental and behavioral health services, which include testing, evaluations, individual and family therapy, and medication management. These services are delivered in the home, school, or community. ACRP offers services though onsite outpatient clinics, and operates a partial hospitalization program for children and adolescents. In addition, ACRP operates alternative education programs for students who are unable to perform in the traditional classroom setting. ACRP provides a continuum of services that involve multiple systems including educational institutions, county court, social services, juvenile justice, mental and behavioral health, and child welfare. ACRP accesses resources to assist youth and families with food, clothing, and home needs. ACRP Provides youth recreational soccer and basketball leagues for community youth.

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